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Lab 2: Physics Simulation - Webots Simulation

Lab Overview

You, in pair, will implement a Webots simulation setup for the Woodbot. You'll use the code from the previous lab and merge new codes from the main repository into your forked repository for updates. Your task includes making design decisions about state estimators for the final algorithm design.



Present your results to TAs for check-off for the next lab.

Saved outputs:

  • Graph
  • Video recording
  • A corresponding output file for at least one illustrative run


Push your changes for code verification.


Each student will receive:

  • A Webots world file with Woodbot imported (setup not included)
  • Component positions and sensor specifications (as detailed in this document)
  • Necessary codes to run your Woodbot with our system

Additionally, merge your implemented Python codes from the previous lab with updates from the main repository.

Update Your Forked Repository

To merge from our main branch:

Add a remote branch, then fetch and merge the differences:

git remote add upstream <URL of the branch you forked>
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/main

If you encounter an unrelated history error, force merging with:

git merge upstream/main --allow-unrelated-histories