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Export the CAD Design for Webots


This is tot Required for this lab

This is necessary if you like to implement your custom robot in Webots

Create OBJ

Solidworks cannot directly convert assembly files to OBJ format. Instead, Autodesk Inventor or Fusion 360 can be used to open your assembly and save it as an OBJ file. Ensure the unit is set to meters in the options.

From URDF Files

As an alternative, create a URDF file and then convert it to a Webots node using python urdf2webots. This preserves joint axes information from SolidWorks but limits changes to the robot node in Webots. This method is recommended for complex robots, although manual modifications of PDF files may be required for bounding objects or adding sensors.

Simplify Bounding Objects

In physics simulations, simplified bounding objects are commonly used instead of detailed CAD meshes. For example, the robot body can be represented as a box, and wheels as cylinders.

Importing Woodbot CAD Files

To import Woodbot CAD files into Webots:

  1. Select "File → Import 3D model" and follow the wizard to locate your file.
  2. Choose the option to use the mesh as a bounding object and click finish.

Remember to frequently save your progress in Webots, as the undo functionality is limited and might not always be available.