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Robot for All (R4A) RSS Workshop

kit boxes

About this course

This course is introductory to our formal robotics design process class, which conducts engineering design decisions with various tools such as hardware, physics simulation, and analytical model.

For this particular kit, we build a two-wheeled differential drive robot with cardboard, then compare the behaviors with the analytical model provided. This is expected to take 2 hours with our kit box.


Objectives of this R4A course are:

  1. Assemble a two-wheeled differential drive robot hardware and compare it to its analytical model
  2. Collect trajectory data using mocap and the model using the same control input
  3. Analyze the similarity and discrepancy between the hardware and analytical model
  4. Determine and analyze the cause of uncertainty

Learning Outcomes

Expected learning outcomes are:

  1. Experience and understand a robotic system design process
  2. Experience and understand simulation and reality gap
  3. Exercise statistical analysis on a stochastic system
  4. Exercise logical thinking processes based on observation, math, data, etc.

Get Your Own Kit

What to make your own robot? We have all design and parts lists with instructions!

Everything is included if you have received our R4A robot kit box.

kit boxes
Our kit box for the R4A workshop

What's next?


Preparing Kit

Step 0

Preparing kits & Check Parts

Robot Assembly

Step 1

Assemble the robot & Test Drive

Preparing Infrastructure

Step 2

Installing required software & Setup motion capture system

Data Collection

Step 3

Run both hardware and analytical model & Collect data for analysis



Step 4

Analyze the stochasticity of the system & Determine the cause of the uncertainty