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What is Paperbot?

Paperbot is a printable two-wheeled differential drive robot chassis with affordable electronics.

Paperbot is parametric design, so you can change the dimensions and alter the design.


What can you do?

You can drive your paperbot around from your phone. With our motion capture system you can get your robot motion realtime or recorded.

Parts Lists

  • NodeMCU Amica DevKit Board (ESP8266 chip)
  • Motorshield for NodeMCU
  • 2 continuous rotation servos plugged into motorshield pins D1, D2
  • Ultra-thin power bank (available at
  • Paper chassis (see below)

Line Legend

  • Black lines: cut
  • Blue lines: mountain fold
  • Red lines: valley fold

Generating Custom Design

In this website, you can change the paperbot dimensions and generate your own printable layout for the paperbot. You can use RoCo, Robot Compiler, Python library, which will let you build your own robot designs from scratch or combining parts in libraries.

Make Your Own

You can find a video showing how to fold the robot. Paperbot Instructions