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Fully assembled woodbot

Woodbot is a sensor rich robot with 9-axis IMU (3D Accelerometer, Gyro, Compass) two ToF Lidars.


Woodbot include routing exercises on a perfboard.
If that is not what you like, you can check [PCBbot](../pcbbot) instead


  • Connect phone or laptop to "ESP_XXXX" wireless network, where XXXX is the ID of the robot
  • Go to
  • A webpage with four buttons should appear. Click them to move the robot.


  • In Arduino, go to Tools > ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload to upload the files from ./data to the ESP
  • Then, in Arduino, compile and upload sketch to the ESP


Arduino support for ESP8266 board

  • In Arduino, add URL to Files > Preferences > Additional Board Managers URL.
  • See

Websockets library

  • To install, Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries... > Websockets > Install

ESP8266FS tool

  • To install, create "tools" folder in Arduino, download, and unzip. (The path will look like /tools/ESP8266FS/tool/esp8266fs.jar)

vl53l0x Library

  • To install, Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries... > Adafruit VL53L0X > Install


  • LOLIN(WEMOS) D1 mini (clone) (ESP8266 chip)
  • Batteryshield for D1 mini
  • 2 continuous rotation servos plugged into pins D5, D6
  • 2 VL53L0X Time-of-Flight (ToF) Laser Ranging Sensor: XSHUT -> D3, D4 / SCL -> D1 , D1 / SDA -> D2, D2
  • 1 ICM20948 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU): SCL -> D1 / SDA -> D2
  • 1 Lipo Battery 3.8V 650mAh
  • Wood chassis (see below)

Wood chassis